The Center for Aging, Sexuality, and Meaning (CASAM) was founded by Dr. Harry K. Wexler, in conjunction with his most recent book, Getting Laid Over 60: Men’s Search for Meaning. The Center addresses the challenges of aging and our individual demise, a universal experience since none of us get out of this alive.  Biological aging is a downhill ride where we essentially “wear out” and become increasingly vulnerable to illness and loss. Rather than passively accepting this framing of the aging experience, the Center philosophy takes a unique perspective on aging. It is provocatively defiant of the social norms that put increasing pressure on aging adults to accept their demise and let go of their societal roles and positions without creating a disturbance for the younger generation.  Programs are designed for baby boomers who are used to having their way and being on top will be interested in defying the traditional aging process and finding out how to navigate successful aging.   Programs focus on helping men and women find meaning and on achieving sexual satisfaction in later life.


The CASAM Mission:

Brooklyn, NY

Laguna Beach, CA



  1.   CASAM offers group sessions and workshops on successful aging for Baby-boomers and War babies.

  2.   CASAM also offer individual therapy, counseling, and coaching.